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about the artist
about.html Dennis Finley grew up in alabama and still lives there today. He was the second child of three and never serious about anything. Dennis graduated from saks high school in 1970, then went to a junior college for a short while before droping out.  That's  about the time he really became serious about painting. Over the years he painted very little but always kept the interest and has now devoted all his time to painting. Well maybe not all his time because he really enjoys his small flower and vegetable garden in the spring and early summer. Dennis spends as much time as he can with his nephew Casey.Here is some pictures from last years flower garden. This is Dennis' grandmother and her son(Dennis' father) who are both in heaven now. This is Dennis with his family when he was about 13.Dennis' brother David is a big folk festival fan and travels far and wide to see artist from around the world. Here he is with casey. Dennis hopes you enjoy veiwing his