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original artwork by southern artis Dennis Finley
paintings,abstract,fantasy,still life,landscape,conventional,modern,colorful
acrylic on canvas and canvas board
If you see something you like contact me and make me an offer

a nice pair 11x14
africa trip 16x20
basket case 11x14
bird 11x14
breeze 11x14
burst 11x14
candidate 11x14
click 11x14
convention 11x14
dessert 11x14
double falls 11x14
easter pig 11x14
elephants 11x14
farm pony 11x14
garden fountain 11x14
geisha 11x14
heart felt 11x14
highway song 11x14
hole 11x14
hubble 16x20
lakelights 11x14
levitation 11x14
macrobiotics 11x14
majic sunset 11x14
midnight run 11x14
mountain garden 11x14
mountain 16x20
mt 11x14
noah 11x14
ocean 16x20
pairing up 11x14
parade 11x14
peace tranquility friendship eternity 11x14
petie 20x24
portal 11x14
pumkin 11x14
pyramid 24x36
republicans 11x14
slice 11x14
space file 11x14
space flower 11x14
space gate 11x14
space pyramid 11x14
space ring 11x14
spacecage1 11x14
spacecage2 11x14
spinner 11x14
starbridge 11x14
starry carousel 11x14
starwheel 11x14
target 11x14
the album 11x14
the engagement 11x14
the invitation 11x14
totum pole 11x14
toys 11x14
ufo 11x14
view 11x14
when love came to town 11x14
stage 11x14
scatter box 11x14
store 11x14
the album 11x14
fruit bowl 11x14
about the artist
works by m c escher
friends and family
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